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Welcome to Nantucket Trade Bank!

Our Mission is to foster small business creation and expansion within the Nantucket Island Business Community by increasing our Members cash flow utilizing Nantucket Trade Dollars verses Cash Dollars along with various B to B and B to C marketing initiatives. By doing this we keep may more dollars on Island which can go to other Members benefiting our Local Small Business Community.

We launched Nantucket Trade Bank on December 10, 2013 and operated in Beta for a year. We successfully emerged from Beta a year later after a lot of hard work with our initial members to refine our Business Model. Contact us and Join our many Nantucket Businesses currently enjoying the benefits of participation!


How do Nantucket Trade Dollars Work?

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If you own or operate a Nantucket business and would like to learn more please us at info@nantuckettradebank.com.

Best Regards,

The Nantucket Trade Bank Team!