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Marsh Egan photo

Marsha Egan – The Island’s Coach

“I am a people navigator…my only goal is your success and your happiness – Marsha Egan of The Egan Group, Inc.” Les Brown once said, “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” When I first read this quote, one name came to mind: Marsha Egan.  That’s what she does after all!  She […]

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Picture of Dorothy Stover Fogged in Bookkeeping

Meghan Blair-Valero – Compassionate Bookkeeper/Entrepreneur/Local Business Owner

Noun 1.bookkeeper – someone who records the transactions of a business accountant,comptroller, controller – someone who maintains and audits business accounts Meghan Blair-Valero “I don’t see problems, I see solutions.” This definition of a bookkeeper paints a picture of someone who only speaks in numbers.  But, the story behind Meghan Blair-Valero and the company she […]

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